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An Elite Garden Shed for Elite Abilene Gardeners

Pat and Linda Van Zandt are serious gardeners. Over the years, they’ve transformed their backyard from a boring suburban backyard into a colorful paradise with an impressive array of flowers, outdoor living areas, and a pool.

The Van Zandt’s had generic old storage shed “shack outback” in their backyard, but they wanted a better structure — one that would be rodent-proof and genuinely add to the beauty of their landscape they wanted a Custom Garden Shed Abilene

The Van Zandt’s had driven past our Silver Creek Structures LLC. stores in the past, but never actually stopped in, even though they had heard of their Custom Garden Shed Abilene. They do much of their shopping online, and their backyard shed would be no exception. They settled on an 8×12 ft Ranch Style Structure. The options they chose were a single window, an extra-wide door with a ramp, and a standard size single door on the side. Inside, we installed three 12’ long shelves for additional storage.

Painted Tan, with Bronze trim and a light Gray Roof, the shed strikes a balance between blending in with the landscape and being a statement piece in its own right, a true Custom Garden Shed Abilene

“It fits in really well,” says Pat. “I mean, it’s part of the landscape.”

Pat added landscaping around two sides of the shed and set some large rocks as steps in front of the side door.

Pat and Linda store outdoor furniture cushions, pool items, and lawn equipment in their shed.

The Van Zandt’s report a great experience with Silver Creek Structures LLC with the installation of their Custom Garden Shed Abilene

Silver Creek Structures did us an awesome job,” says Pat.

Linda agrees, “We had no issues at all. None. It is most definitely not a shack in the back yard. We are very happy with the structure.”

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