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Get a Rent to Own Writers Cabin – Not a Shack in the Woods!

You can call it a writer’s shed, a writer’s cabin, a writer’s studio, or a writer’s cottage. Name aside, it’s a quiet place in your Abilene yard to focus and express the subtleties of your heart, your mind and your being. The writer’s shed or cabin might be a myth or an elusive luxury to some, but for you, it’s within reach in Abilene. I know that because I’m writing this post in one… sychronicity? And yet…

“Every writer secretly believes in the writer’s cabin. In our heads we see a small isolated cabin in a quiet patch of woods. There’s a porch with a swing out front. … I’m here to tell you, as the author of five books, the writer’s cabin is a myth.” (1)

Rent to Own…Abilene Writer’s Cabin

Sure, that writer missed out, but you don’t have to. You can rent to own – and we’ll build it acording to your dreams – just call us with questions.

A storage shed can easily become a writer’s cabin with just a few upgrades! Writer’s cabins are custom built for you, so you can specify exactly the options you need. Whether you are looking for a basic cabin shell or something a little more sophisticated, just bring us your ideas! We will help you create that special place of your own. We have multiple siding options in a variety of colors. It’s your cabin after all, so the choice is up to you! No Longer a Shack in the Back!

“A writer’s cabin is a wooden and often calmly coloured shelter from the sun, noise or wind decorated with lovely memorabilia and some personal belongings. Some writer’s cabins have simple facilities for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas, and most have electricity or even solar panels.

“While many writer’s cabins have been converted from small shacks or sheds, they vary in style from the traditional, wooden, shed-like constructions to the ultra modern solar powered works of art.” (2)

Abilene Writer’s Cabin Porches

Porches help give a shed the look of a home. They also provide an outdoor area to gather and enjoy nature together as a family. By adding a porch, you can also create a loft area inside for extra storage or sleeping space. Porches are available with or without railing.

Abilene Writer’s Cabin Fenestration

Metal house doors with windows allow extra natural light inside and let you see who’s outside when you hear a knock on the door. House doors also include a standard door knob (instead of a t-handle on shed doors).

Ventilation for a Abilene Writer’s Cabin

Venting allows your building to breathe and air to circulate. A ridge vent and gable end vents allow warm, humid air to leave your cabin. Without proper ventilation, your building will sweat trying to get the moisture out of the air.

Insulated Abilene Writer’s Cabin Floor

Insulation will help keep the warm air from your heater inside, and prevent the cold air from outside from sneaking in during the fall and winter. Insulation options are available for the flooring. It can very difficult to insulate the floor after the structure is set up at your location, which is why we offer to insulate the floor at the time of the build.

Ask us to frame out walls to create rooms inside. In large cabins, you may want to split up the the space into separate areas, rather than have one common area. We can frame out these rooms so they are ready for the interior finishing you choose to proceed with.

(We specialize in cabin shells, not cabins with interior finishing.)

RENT TO OWN – Abilene Writer’s Cabin

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